“Where we love is home – home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.”

“我们深深热爱的地方就是家 – 无论走到多远,她都系着我们的心。”

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

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To celebrate the year of the Rooster, Architectural Digest – AD – featured four different Chinese Spring Festival family dinner table settings, including one with the POP-UP BEIJING family. Check out pictures of our special table settings below – including an English translation of the text. A huge thanks to AD Editor and Stylist Chen Jin, Photography team Phillipe le Berre and Zhao An, and Writer Wenting. Bon appetit, and Happy Chinese New Year to all!

为庆祝2017鸡年农历新年,安邸杂志为大家展示了四席风格各异,喜庆美好的团圆家宴,其中就包含POP-UP BEIJING! 想知道我们的春节餐桌是什么样子的吗?答案就在下方图片文章里哟,中英双语,希望大家喜欢!在这里特别感谢安邸编辑兼造型师金晨,摄影师Phillipe le Berre、赵安以及文章作者雯婷。祝您新年幸福快乐,好胃口!







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160125 POP-UP BEIJING AD Architectural Digest - Chunjie Feature 1

In the 70s, after a trip to Hong Kong, Glenn’s parents brought a set of mahjong back to New Zealand. From that time on, whenever there is a holiday, there was also the ‘click-clack’ sound of mahjong in Glenn’s family!

“I felt like my family was the only one in New Zealand that played mahjong,” says Glenn Schuitman, our dear Dutch-Kiwi friend, and also the host of this special Chunjie family gathering at POP-UP BEIJING. To make this day special, Glenn dug deep into his wardrobe the previous night, for his grandfather’s vintage red shirt, to wear together with a ring which used to belong to his father. Although his family is far away, he still feels the warm memories of the good old times. When talking about the origin of his connection to China, Glenn says it all started with mahjong. When he was still a young boy, Glenn’s parents often travelled around the world. In the 70s, after a trip to Hong Kong, Glenn’s parents brought a set of mahjong back to New Zealand. From that time on, whenever there was a holiday, there was also the ‘click-clack’ sound of mahjong in Glenn’s family! “To be honest, I never truly figured out why my parents played mahjong back in New Zealand, where nobody else played it.” Reflecting on this warm childhood memory, Glenn smiled thoughtfully: “Maybe this is what people call ‘destiny’.”

As time passed, Glenn’s interest in China grew with him, as he started to collect Chinese antiques, and learn more about Chinese culture. Eventually, what triggered him to make a life here in China was his first trip to Beijing, “I was traveling around China at the time, and Beijing was the last stop of my journey. I fell in love with this magic city the moment my feet landed here, and decided to stay for another week, then I convinced myself to stay another month – from week to month, month to year, I never thought I would eventually become a ‘Beijinger,’ and yet now I’ve lived here more than ten years.” The depth and fascination of Beijing not only nourished Glenn with its ancient culture, but also inspired him to pursue his life passion for design, with like-minded friends. When he first met business partner Vito – an Interior Architect – around four years ago, they soon discovered a mutual understanding for both life and design, and decided to create a place together that allowed them to express their shared perspective on quality living. Out of this grew POP-UP BEIJING.

It will soon be Glenn’s 11th anniversary living in Beijing, and the Chinese Spring Festival has become one of the most important annual celebrations in his life. Chunjie has a very unique meaning to him, when compared with the Western traditions of Christmas or the Roman calendar New Year. Glenn believes that Chunjie is not just a one-day festival, but also an actual physical seasonal change, and a celebration of life. “In the traditional Chinese lunar calendar, starting from the 23rd of December [in 2017, equivalent to 20 January in the Roman calendar] all the way to the Lantern Festival on 15th of January [in 2017, equivalent to 11 February in the Roman calendar], every single day has a different meaning and related traditions, so it takes a lot more time for people to prepare, and to celebrate. In addition, The Chinese Spring Festival also brings the transition to the next Chinese Zodiac, and the beginning of a new spring. It represents closure of the previous year, and a fresh start for the future.” Of course, there are similarities between Chinese Chunjie and Western Christmas, and that is the family reunion, “Whether you are in the East or the West, there’s always a special time for family and friends to get together and enjoy each other’s company.”

Glenn has spent the last few Spring Festivals in Beijing, and although he still does not speak good Chinese, he has already become somewhat of a local. During Chunjie Eve, he usually goes to a friend’s house to make dumplings, cook Chinese dishes, and feast together while watching the CCTV Spring Festival Party, and – of course – enjoy a couple of shots of Chinese Baijiu! After dinner, it’s mahjong time, and even if Glenn doesn’t win much, he still enjoys this game full of happy childhood memories. It’s become a tradition for Glenn to watch the CCTV Spring Festival Gala with friends, “last year, I watched the entire show – from beginning to the end, and my friends were somewhat surprised that I am so curious about Chinese culture.” He also shared one of his special experiences of celebrating Chunjie: riding his bike alone around the city of Beijing, like a silent spectator, watching the hustle and bustle of a city literally exploding with happiness and celebration. In watching Beijing during each Spring Festival, Glenn experiences the height of festivities in China, and it always touches his heart, while also helping him to understand Chinese culture more deeply.

At the end of this interview, we opened a bottle of Champagne to celebrate. Glenn made a toast, as the lovely bubbles arose in the glass: “Although I never spend Chunjie with my own family, Beijing is now my second home, and all my dear friends here are clearly also my close family.”

Photographer: Philippe le Berre

Photo Coordinator: Zhao An

Stylists: Chen Jin & Glenn Schuitman

Writer: Wenting

Editors: Wenting & Chen Jin

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Chunjie Decoration Tips from Glenn

1. East meets West: in this scene, I wish to show how easily ‘East meets West,’ with simple yet elegant western elements – like plants and flowers – combined together with traditional Chinese food. This Chunjie gathering to me is not only a reunion with friends, but also a union of different styles and ideas, it’s a dining table that truly represents the beauty of East and West together.

2. Communication and brainstorming: here we specially invited several of our talented and uniquely skilled friends to join us. Graffiti artist Lin Xi especially painted these artworks, combining traditional Chinese New Year posters with a modern witty street style, to give a feeling of Chunjie from his perspective; and jewellery designer Gengyi shares several of his extraordinary headpieces, which have been used in several famous Chinese costume dramas, and elevate the style of the dining table with a sense of drama. We wanted the styling of the whole scene to be sophisticated without being boring.

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160204 POP-UP BEIJING POP-UP BEIJING AD Architectural Digest - Chunjie Feature


我们家可能是新西兰唯一会打麻将的家庭”,荷兰和新西兰混血的主人Glenn Schuitman一边整理麻将一边笑着打趣他10年前从新西兰来到中国生活为了这次的春节餐桌主题派对他前夜翻箱倒柜找出祖父穿过的红衬衣又戴上曾属于父亲的戒指如此一来即便远隔万里也感觉像和家人在一起Glenn与中国的缘分还真是从麻将开始的年少时期父母常年去世界各地旅行上世纪70年代旅行至香港鬼使神差买了一副麻将带回新西兰还学会了基本玩法从那时起他便和很多中国人一样有了一段与麻将有关的少年回忆每逢佳节家里便传来热闹的麻将声! 我也想不明白父母为什么爱打麻将当地没人玩这个,”他乐呵呵地讲述着这段小插曲又若有所思地说,“命中注定吧!”

这段命中注定的东方情结随着年龄的增长慢慢发酵Glenn十几岁就开始收集中国老物件学习中国传统文化但真正对中国产生无法抗拒的迷恋还是来自一次实地旅行,“当时旅行的最后一站是北京这个城市让我一见钟情立刻决定多待一个星期时间到了又想再待一个月最后这一待竟是10年。”这段听起来颇具浪漫色彩的故事也让他在中国收获了热爱的事业和志同道合的朋友4年前他认识了室内建筑师Vito Zhang一拍即合的两人开了这家主打古董老物件的生活方式空间既销售自己喜欢的物件也结交趣味相投的朋友

如今Glenn已在中国生活了11年中国的春节已然成为他心目中最重要的节日之一从他的视角来看中国的春节与西方的圣诞节新年有着非常不一样的气质他认为西方的圣诞节或新年只是几个时间点上的节庆日然后人们很快就回归正常生活了; 而中国的春节却是一段长长的时间轨一个传统节气上的循环一个层层递进的欢聚时光他如此解释:“在农历节气表上从过小年到元宵节每 一天都有着不同的意义和内容人们需要更长的时间去准备并长久沉浸在辞旧迎新的喜悦中而且中国春节还意味着生肖的转换春天的到来既是承上启下也孕育着一段新生活的开始。”当然在他眼中圣诞新年与春节也有相似之处那便是回家团聚,“我觉得似乎每一种文化中都有一个节日是让人们和家人朋友聚在一起的。”

这几年的春节Glenn都留在北京度过尽管他的中文不太好但生活方式已然是个中国通”。大年三十他通常会去好朋友的家里做客大家就着电视里喜气洋洋的背景音乐一起包饺子朋友再贡献几道拿手好菜美美地吃一顿喝上几杯中国白酒真是爽快吃完饭必不可少会打上几圈麻将Glenn无奈地抱怨自己的牌技几乎就没赢过”。更多的时候是大家聚在一起看电视他感叹地说:“去年我甚至和他们一起看完了整场春节联欢晚会朋友们对我的中文听力水平都惊讶了!”他还兴奋地讲起一个自己专属的庆贺方式: 骑着自行车环绕北京城像一个安静的旁观者去看满城的烟火看人们如何庆祝却并不感到孤独虽然中国人自己都觉得年味越来越淡了但在Glenn眼中却是很浓穿行在这浓浓的东方欢乐中反而让他更深刻直观地了解到中国文化和中国人的生活方式


摄影师:Philippe Le Berre


造型师:金晨 和 Glenn Schuitman



POP-UP 'P' 300x300


1. 中西合璧:我希望呈现一种中西结合的效果用一些西方的布置元素如偏西方的植物花卉与中国传统的食物装饰结合在一起希望这场派对不只是一个朋友的聚会也是不同设计创意元素的碰撞是东方遇见西方的新年餐桌

2. 集思广益:我们特地请来了几位各怀绝技的好朋友林溪是涂鸦艺术家他创作了几幅带有传统年画韵味却极其现代诙谐的涂鸦作品过年的味道一下子就出来了; 庚艺是饰品设计师曾为很多知名电视剧创作过古代头饰他也将自己的作品带来摆在餐桌上成为提升气氛 的点睛之笔整体呈现的效果很有趣

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